Reaction to Rene Magritte’s “Attempting the Impossible”

When people read my poetry, they sometimes get something out of it completely different to anything I was thinking while writing it. I love that about poetry. For today’s poem I took a different take on Attempting the Impossible than how it’s usually interpreted. 

Darker Room


I know you’re there

go on, refuse to show yourself

hide from me like a child who knows she’s done wrong

or a teasing lover, drift from a reality you never knew

because I’ll find you, even if I have to give you form

I’ll make you known, even if your colors come from me

you won’t escape my attention because you

originated there, impossible is no match

for obsession


Reaction #1 to re-viewing of Star Trek:The Next Generation


Captain’s Log, Supplemental


Lonely heads with crowns aside

I know who looks up to whom

And who sees what, when I’m not watched

Loyalty is those who would follow you to the death

Fully aware you don’t always know what you’re doing

But correct you when you start singing the wrong songs

Capitalists: invest in yourselves

Warriors: honor will take you so far

Drugies: We’re metaphors for everything

Some more strained than others

But it sure is pretty out here

Reaction to four photographs (via poeticasides)

One of the things I have done to stretch my poetic muscles is participate in Robert Brewer’s November Poem A Day challenge.

One of the prompts was to write a reaction to four art pieces he presented. They were Sam Taylor-Wood (via The Picture), T S, “Hakuna Matata, 1″ (via 1stDibs), Mikola Gnisyuk, “People in Trees” (via Baibakov Art Projects), and Robert Dawson (via Amy Jackson blog). All four photos are available here.

Here’s my poem for all four:

Finding my Place

crumbling red-head you’ve known the sea

far too long, forgive me

if I move on to those young enough to climb

acrobats, imitators of leaves, still the sky

is out of reach, so I’ll say good-bye

in favor of those who have broken through the clouds

noble animals but so much unknown here

feet on the ground, it is now clear

I should find one who flies heart and soul

step off, child, and find your wings

I won’t move on to other things

time must be frozen for you to fly

so here I’ll stay

About reaction poetry

I’m a poet and a fan. I have a lot of overlapping fandoms. Some overlaps are common like Doctor Who and Star Trek (TNG and DS9 mainly). Some, not so much, like Jane Austen and Bollywood and Rene Magritte. I like to write about everything in my life, my fandoms included. In the past I’ve found that I let a lot of ideas for poems go because it seemed silly to write a poem to my favorite celebrity or about Firefly. Even the poems that did get written seemed to have no place. So I’ve created this space for them. All of the poems so far are mine but I am willing to make this space available to others if they have run into the same difficulty. That being said, any poem on this blog with no “by line” belongs to the author of reactionpoetry. I don’t mind if you reprint them elsewhere but please give me credit. I want this to be a place where poetic fans can share our enthusiasm freely.


Old poem about Doctor Who

I wrote this in the first or second series of the new Who though it could probably be applied to any of them.

Who What

Every time aliens touch down

or time and space goes fuzzy

or just your everyday bad guy

hatches a plot to take over the world

its under the Thames flood barrier

or in the Globe Theatre

or at the foot of the Empire State

Even the way way out of towners

know what’s important


So if the Whovian creatures ever came

to southwest Louisiana

they would be in trouble

because our most famous recognizables

are our swamps

complete with alligators

Poem for @ActuallyNPH and @Davidburtka

You are beautiful together


I’m sure you’ve heard it before

Our world gets caught up in figureheads

In those who are loudest or brightest or first

Or just easiest to notice.


But I think it bears repeating,

Just for you, even if you don’t hear it.

You are beautiful together.

Not just for what you stand for.


Imaginative extravagance six months early,

Toned down enthusiasm to spare feelings,

Shared fatherhood in shifts to play to strengths.

What relationship wouldn’t benefit?


Yes, you inspire. Yes, you are examples.

No, you’re not perfect. No, we don’t see everything.

Maybe you are boring without your writers.

Maybe boring determination is better than sensational instability.


You are beautiful together.

You have the proof in two small packages,

Who run through your back yard every day,

Your true, permanent fan base.