Poem for @ActuallyNPH and @Davidburtka

You are beautiful together


I’m sure you’ve heard it before

Our world gets caught up in figureheads

In those who are loudest or brightest or first

Or just easiest to notice.


But I think it bears repeating,

Just for you, even if you don’t hear it.

You are beautiful together.

Not just for what you stand for.


Imaginative extravagance six months early,

Toned down enthusiasm to spare feelings,

Shared fatherhood in shifts to play to strengths.

What relationship wouldn’t benefit?


Yes, you inspire. Yes, you are examples.

No, you’re not perfect. No, we don’t see everything.

Maybe you are boring without your writers.

Maybe boring determination is better than sensational instability.


You are beautiful together.

You have the proof in two small packages,

Who run through your back yard every day,

Your true, permanent fan base. 


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