Reaction to four photographs (via poeticasides)

One of the things I have done to stretch my poetic muscles is participate in Robert Brewer’s November Poem A Day challenge.

One of the prompts was to write a reaction to four art pieces he presented. They were Sam Taylor-Wood (via The Picture), T S, “Hakuna Matata, 1″ (via 1stDibs), Mikola Gnisyuk, “People in Trees” (via Baibakov Art Projects), and Robert Dawson (via Amy Jackson blog). All four photos are available here.

Here’s my poem for all four:

Finding my Place

crumbling red-head you’ve known the sea

far too long, forgive me

if I move on to those young enough to climb

acrobats, imitators of leaves, still the sky

is out of reach, so I’ll say good-bye

in favor of those who have broken through the clouds

noble animals but so much unknown here

feet on the ground, it is now clear

I should find one who flies heart and soul

step off, child, and find your wings

I won’t move on to other things

time must be frozen for you to fly

so here I’ll stay


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