Reaction to The Time of the Doctor/Steven Moffat/Matt Smith’s run

Time of the Doctor

To Steven Moffat

You don’t do anything small do you?

Centuries in minutes and worlds in paintings

I love that you take risks

that they don’t always work out

that even when you see things differently than me

I learn to look at them sideways


You tied up everything in the silence and the questions

And people who keep coming back even when we weren’t sure it was them

You’ve finished it all up yet the story’s still a skeleton

Like we could spend another fifty years here and there would still be more to see

But there’s no more for you and him and it’s better that way


To Matt Smith

I don’t know you

Unlike some of the others

I haven’t seen you at all

I’ve only seen the Doctor

So I’ll talk to him.


To Doctor # 11

I’ve felt you deeper than any of the others

It seems like there’s so much more to you

Every time you’ve grown old

You’ve waited for the boys who are not Barnable

But it doesn’t matter who answers

Because you’ve buried so many Barnables


Why are you so afraid to let them come back?

Why are you so desperate for them to come back?

How far would I have to go into you to find the bottom?


To Peter Capaldi

You’ve got the glare down

And the kidneys

What more do you need?



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