Reaction #2 to re-watching Star Trek TNG


Realm of Fear

of all the things that haven’t changed

I miss psychology the least

you prance and plex and patronize

don’t you know you’re useless

no wonder he rolls his eyes


are you a “don’t worry, fly” psa

or a ptsd survival  guide

everyone fears, the fear is status quo

does it matter if you are to go boldly or to boldly go

as long as you get there and back without a worm attack


take me apart system by system

scanners functional, heart beats, then gone

connected wires, connected brain, then gone

I energize, I breathe, then gone

it’s taken me over and won’t leave


do I fear an enemy more than losing my mind

I’m glad the danger’s there this time

do you know I never would have woken you

anyone else; but not you, this is the bravest thing I’ve done

if harm to me means they can see, I’m stuttering


I don’t like the sound of this

I’ve taken a leap and saved you

but did he have to give me a new fear

spiders didn’t used to bother me



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