Reaction to DFTBA records

Besides being a fan of many fiction and art works, I am also an admirer of people who promote the creativity, enthusiasm, and efforts of fans. One of these people is Wil Wheaton, who I wrote an earlier post about. Others include the vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green) and Alan Lastufka. My poem for today is my reaction to a joint effort between Hank and Alan to help YouTube musicians get their music (often fandom music) to a wider audience.

DFTBA Records

Music has been a friend

That flits in and out of my days

Our relationship seemed to end

When I started to grow

And I left band and all its trends

For sports and teenage ways


But then my friends began to lend

Me their favorite songs to play

I started searching for a certain blend

A favorite new flavor to know

Looking through all the labels could send

Worrying truly original artists had gone away


Just as my hope began to end

I found where hidden gems lay

In the unsigned, unheard, online trend

People whose talent and energy flow

My faith in music started to mend

When I hear people who said what they meant to say



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