A comparison of two characters

This week’s reaction poem compares the main characters from two different shows. I’ve started putting the shows and references only in the tags to give people a chance to read the poem without knowing what they are.

I Want My Life Back

Is it better to play the hand you’re dealt?
For two men the same words have opposite meanings
A world one wants to exit, the other to reclaim
Can’t see what’s right in front of you

For two men the same words have opposite meanings
One’s hand if full of secrets without skill
The other knows the game is not in the cards
Learning the rules doesn’t mean you’ve agreed to play

A world one wants to exit, the other to reclaim
One can’t turn his back on friends in danger
The other knows a spy is a spy until he is dead
You have a death grip on the hand you’ve fought to discard

Is it better to play the hand you’re dealt?
You can bluff with a Jack-two off-suit
Or you can change the game to Deuces Wild
When no one’s looking


From the Vault

It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been working on my new book, Nameless, a collection of short stories and poems, available now, here.

Now, without further ado, back to our regularly scheduled reactions. Today’s reaction poem focuses on a company which had a strong influence on my, and I think many people’s, childhood.

From The Vault

We watched the mothers die and elephants fly
While, with growing noses, little people kept us away from apples
And sound took its cue from a mouse with a stick
Glass left behind as a slipper or gone through, looking

More flying, since never being adult is your biggest draw
As long as the pasta comes in one long piece
Count to a hundred to sleep
Then add one, when kissed, to wake up

We pulled swords for you, played scales for you
Made the rich more poor for you
Rescued you, bare necessitied you
Sang our way through Dodger’s crew for you

You taught us to walk with fins
See beastly beauty and whole new worlds
You threw the bard to the lions
And our history to trees with souls

Then you joined forces with playthings
Left us crawling with bugs in our cars
Made us face monsters and fall in love with trash compactors
While we searched for incredible fish with the rats in the kitchen

And in between, you raided the classics
For gods, deformed bellmen, and monkey-bred heroes
Made a llama out of an emperor and a planet out of an island
Even the haunted holiday miser and the King’s sound made an appearance

Through it all we looked up to you
Bolting past the wrecks, universities, and planes
We were tangled and frozen and even brave
So be our big hero and never stop turning us inside out