Selection from my book

So, eye surgery went well. Hurrah. I haven’t really got back into writing yet though as I never really mastered the art of touch typing. Instead, today’s poem is a prewritten selection from my book, Nameless. The Interwebs, Man is a reaction poem only in the sense that it is a reaction to a culture in which I am deeply ingrained.

I hope my readers have as much fun reading this one as I did writing it. The benefit of posting it here is that I can have even more fun with it by adding links.

The Interwebs, Man (Now with 100% More Hyperlinks!!1!)

I used to have sympathy for technophobes
but then I took an arrow to the, well, you know,
because no one ever got a million hits on YouTube,
even searching the googles won’t help.

I want to know ALL THE THINGS,
and live as they say in my hometown
but if you think meeting me IRL guarantees priority,
I may just lose my ability to even.

If I can haz my freedom, then I’ll grant your respect.
I’ll applaud a noob who pwns a leet in context,
because there are so many more worlds
in which I am a #epicfail compared to you.


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