Children’s TV

Recently, my  job has brought me in contact with a lot of children’s television. Most of the shows seem to follow the same formulas with nothing really separating them. But a few stand out. Today’s reaction poem is about one of the more exceptional shows.

Children’s TV

We all teach them.
Colors, numbers, safety
Share your toys, don’t leave with strangers
Spanish culture, British slang
To accept that fictional characters can talk to you

What do you do that’s so different?
besides maintain the fourth wall
and, yeah, you have minority face but so do we
strong female, magic, talking toys
nothing new here

Okay, we’ll admit.
that when goo that should be inside is outside
and chronic conditions need to be explained
or when fear of the doctor turns into aspiration
you’re the only one still talking

How do you manage?
to explain concepts like first aid and triage to a preschooler
without ever having a lesson plan or learning time
or make science real while still using words like
overwhelmatosis and stickyitis

You go beyond teaching Things.
when a three-year-old sees her brother crying
on the steps after school
and sings “hey, tell me what’s wrong
what’s going on?”


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