Reaction to Falcon

I recently watched the Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier, and was immediately impressed both with the character of Falcon and with the movie’s ability to make you believe and understand a character being so loyal to someone he just met. My reaction poem today is based on that relationship and on what I consider to be Falcon’s best line.

I Do What He Does, Only Slower

sometimes it only takes
one encounter, two minutes, five words
a run alongside the fountain,
a stranger showing up at your door
to assign someone to the spot in your head
reserved for best friends and heroes
people who say jump after you’re off the ground
who have tasted the same dust and dung as you

sometimes it only takes
a list of problems, a cry for help
a recognition of your willingness to open the door
to join a mission you won’t walk away from
even before you realize you can fly
to stand behind someone at their world’s end
because you know, even then, they are stronger than you

sometimes it even takes
giving up what makes you special
walking through the crowd, making do
with half an encounter, 30 seconds, a salute
to get the rest of the world to recognize a hero
who has been there all along


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