Reaction to Not Perfect

Yet again, surprise eye surgery has interfered with my posting schedule. But I can see and that’s cool. Tonight I re-listened to a song by Tim Minchin called Not Perfect. Although most of his songs are satire (and hilarious), this one has a more serious and personal tone and always resonates with me. I reconmend you watch it before reading my reaction poem.

The Smallest Matryoshka

No matter how big a picture you choose to see
It’s painted with dots smaller than my ego
Made of cracks I can fall into and somehow survive

If I can spend the vast majority anywhere, it’s here
Because the weirdest thing about my mind
Is that if I can call me fine, I’ll make it past the next line

No matter how cliché the answers are
They’ll always hide more questions
That don’t need a reply in order to belong to everyone

If I can allow that it comes down to me
I’ll see the beautiful dirt that covers my face
When I stop scrubbing long enough to appreciate the mirror


Reaction to Natalie Grant song

Another selection from Nameless

Better Hands Now

car radio scans and catches
only the last fading lines
enough for memory sense
of darkened rooms
and safer times
you’re loved
something stronger
than you
than life
remembering a future
where stepping off
means security

The 100 observations

Somehow I had never heard of the CW show The 100, probably because I tend to stay away from the CW these days, but I saw an ad on Netflix yesterday and decided to try the first episode.

I am now 7 episodes in.

I was going to wait until I’d finished the first season to write a reaction poem, but this one kind of wrote itself.  I’ll probably write another when I’m finished. No real spoilers but some of the references won’t make sense unless you’ve watched the show.

100 Observations

Exposition must be an official language of the Ark
because all your characters are fluent

When even the leader thinks the ‘bad’ guy would make a better leader
maybe you have picked the wrong villain

The Ark could have solved most of their problems
by sending a craft full of radios after the dropship

No one is all bad
No one is all good
Everyone makes mistakes
Everyone is brilliant
Jasper is awesome

Your “previously on” segments don’t know what show they are for

If Octavia hid for 16 years and Bellamy was clearly more than 2 years older,
he should have been floated before the story started

No one can die without a name, which is respectful and all
but it means names are worse than red shirts

I was prepared to despise you for using the
‘horrible solution deployed before better solution discovered’ cliché
but you made me grudgingly applaud a man at a tree instead

I don’t think radiation means what you think it means

I don’t think oxygen deprivation means what you think it means

Complex characterization means exactly what you think it means

Your cast is filled with stereotypes and I don’t care
Your dialog often makes my brain hurt and I don’t care
Raven is an impossibly good shot and I don’t care

You are supposed to be mediocre but you don’t care

You are flawed
I should hate you
You haunt my dreams