Reaction to Not Perfect

Yet again, surprise eye surgery has interfered with my posting schedule. But I can see and that’s cool. Tonight I re-listened to a song by Tim Minchin called Not Perfect. Although most of his songs are satire (and hilarious), this one has a more serious and personal tone and always resonates with me. I reconmend you watch it before reading my reaction poem.

The Smallest Matryoshka

No matter how big a picture you choose to see
It’s painted with dots smaller than my ego
Made of cracks I can fall into and somehow survive

If I can spend the vast majority anywhere, it’s here
Because the weirdest thing about my mind
Is that if I can call me fine, I’ll make it past the next line

No matter how cliché the answers are
They’ll always hide more questions
That don’t need a reply in order to belong to everyone

If I can allow that it comes down to me
I’ll see the beautiful dirt that covers my face
When I stop scrubbing long enough to appreciate the mirror


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