Reaction to @Mark_Sheppard’s campaign

When I decided to write a reaction poem about one of my favorite celebrities of the moment, Mark Sheppard, I ran into a problem. I realized that most of what I wanted to say was already in my poem I’m a Fan of a Fan inspired in part by Wil Wheaton.

So, while I still include some personal references to things I admire about him, I decided to shift the focus to the anti-diabetes campaign he is doing with his son called I encourage anyone reading this to check it out. Not only is it a worthy cause but you also get a cool shirt. Win, win.

I’ve seen what disease can do to children
And their parents.
Fractured marriages are not uncommon.
Cleanly severed ones are.
I’ll run the risk of double negatives
To tell you I’m in love.
Not with a character, or an idol,
An image, or even a man,
But with the hope
That there is a time
When teaching your nine-year-old
To give the finger
Is good parenting,
When tweeting your ex’s Facebook post
About your split
Shows awe-inspiring respect,
And when declaring you’ve never played a villain
Is still true after 42 episodes
As the King of Hell.
More importantly,
I’m in love with the idea
That building a place
Where kids forced into war
Can meet fellow soldiers,
And stop being soldiers,
Is just as important
As furnishing them with the weapons
They need to fight.


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