Flash Fiction (Not that kind)

Its been a while since I posted any reaction poetry so I thought I’d start with several on a theme. I’ve been watching the CW show The Flash and highly recommend it. I especially like the character/s played by Tom Cavanagh. So here are three reaction poems based on several of the many complex relationships of The Flash. As always, my reaction poems can be read with or without viewing the source material. Poems belong to their readers and even though I wrote these as Flash reactions, they can have vastly different interpretations when viewed through other lenses.


The Problem with Time Travel

I hate you
You must die
You are too powerful now
You were once a child
I see you
Small, weak
Vulnerable, alone
Learning, laughing
Growing, living
Looking to me
Trusting me
Loving me
I love you
I hate you
You must die


In the Trenches

When your Dad is not your father
And your home isn’t brick and mortar
When your education isn’t from a school
And you’ve never met your closest friends

When you’re not afraid of losing things
Because no thing has true value
When you’re excited by knowledge
Because it’s new to you

When you’re slow to trust anyone
But much slower to betray them
When you always catch the bad guy
But mainly when he’s falling off a cliff

You learn that
Everyone’s been better
Everyone’s done worse
Everyone has someone missing them

And that
Though everyone deserves
Something good and something bad
It’s not your job to decide
Which they deserve today


My Joy

Disappointment in your eyes
Hurts me
But doesn’t stop me

Unanswered phones
Terrify me
But don’t make me forget

Not knowing
Carves out my heart
But doesn’t derail me

Nothing will make me something I’m not
Until I’ve lost every hope of you
And then nothing will stop me




Reaction to House of Cards (no spoilers)

Author’s note: While this is technically a reaction to House of Cards, it is more a reaction to the feeling I had while watching it than to anything in the actual story. Also, I never thought of rhyming as really my thing, but since this is the second rhyming poem I did this month I guess I’m doing a bit of an experiment.

Compounded Interest

A knight in rusty armor slowly grinding to a halt
A king of broken castles with his thrones now made of salt
A sword of rubber wielded by a child still on milk
A bed of weeds and plastic instead of down and silk

Where you’ve been is where you’re going, never doubt it’s true
All the power in the world won’t stop you from being you
You’ve buried all your treasures just to keep them far away
But when you dig them up all you find is dust and clay

Every cry of pain that’s uttered falls on your deaf ears
You dry the moisture off your shoulder like its water and not tears
You go on living as you are, as if you’ve never loved at all
As if you never reached for me to save you from this fall

But how can I hate you, though you’ve now become this way
Though all your promises are cracked and your words full of decay
You’ve left one standing, shining truth I never can deny
You’ve sold your soul for apathy, and I’m the reason why

Proper Reality

Never so terrible and long
The wait for metro hosts to tell
Whether your vote has found its voice
Or your favorite idol fell

On seat’s edge with bitten nails
Though every good and worthwhile thing
Have already in your brain been seared
By “Coming up” and “Next week” scenes

When racers set to never stop
Till an unheard voice demands better skins
You’ll be inspired to see the world
As long as you don’t miss who wins

While you watch, you celebrate
That those who triumph in the end
To a man, are just like you
Liars, cheats, and betrayers of friends

The 100 observations

Somehow I had never heard of the CW show The 100, probably because I tend to stay away from the CW these days, but I saw an ad on Netflix yesterday and decided to try the first episode.

I am now 7 episodes in.

I was going to wait until I’d finished the first season to write a reaction poem, but this one kind of wrote itself.  I’ll probably write another when I’m finished. No real spoilers but some of the references won’t make sense unless you’ve watched the show.

100 Observations

Exposition must be an official language of the Ark
because all your characters are fluent

When even the leader thinks the ‘bad’ guy would make a better leader
maybe you have picked the wrong villain

The Ark could have solved most of their problems
by sending a craft full of radios after the dropship

No one is all bad
No one is all good
Everyone makes mistakes
Everyone is brilliant
Jasper is awesome

Your “previously on” segments don’t know what show they are for

If Octavia hid for 16 years and Bellamy was clearly more than 2 years older,
he should have been floated before the story started

No one can die without a name, which is respectful and all
but it means names are worse than red shirts

I was prepared to despise you for using the
‘horrible solution deployed before better solution discovered’ cliché
but you made me grudgingly applaud a man at a tree instead

I don’t think radiation means what you think it means

I don’t think oxygen deprivation means what you think it means

Complex characterization means exactly what you think it means

Your cast is filled with stereotypes and I don’t care
Your dialog often makes my brain hurt and I don’t care
Raven is an impossibly good shot and I don’t care

You are supposed to be mediocre but you don’t care

You are flawed
I should hate you
You haunt my dreams