Reaction # 3 to Star Trek: TNG



trying to make us laugh by laughing at each other

Data’s beard is nowhere as disturbing as Troi’s derision

this doctor 2.0 is annoying but she gets it right sometimes

no matter how you try to convince us otherwise

you deserved that “You’ll see”, counselor


(I know you) I say doctors aren’t people

ask any patient (and he will tell you your son is everywhere)

there’s no hope for me (my worlds overlap as yours split)

(and who’s to know it but me) but my concern is for you


you sent for help when you knew I didn’t want it

its you who will suffer when I begin to lose my fight

and that bothers me more than anything

my grandson knows what he doesn’t know

a dying man mourns a deathless one


they should have picked up on it when he was glad

but this is a love story even though you’ve missed it

trying to make us uncomfortable you’ve lost the opportunity

to break our hearts, but I will have mine broken despite your efforts

in the end he did it himself